Saturday, May 8, 2010

Welcome Back!

Earlier this week, I had a bitter-sweet conversation with one of our team mates from last year, Leigh. She had decided a few months ago that she was not going to be able to walk this year due to a number of different reasons. We were all sad to see her go, but understood that family always comes first. So, anyways, earlier this week she told me that she found out a family member was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. She knew she had to do something and maybe this was a sign that she should be walking - afterall, family always comes first! So, with less than 3 months to go till the Cleveland 3-Day, she has decided to rejoin "Saving 2nd Base" and try to raise the $2300 required in order to walk. We are so excited to have our original team mate back, but sad to hear about the reason why she is coming back. Please help her reach that goal by donating to her:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Free time? What's free time?

When we signed up for the walk this year, Saving 2nd Base thought the second time around would be so much easier than the first time. Afterall, we'd already learned what to do (or not do) when it comes to fundraising. We figured that we could handle additional and larger fundraisers this year too - we were invincible! So, we are trying to tackle 5 fundraisers this year (6 if you count our t-shirt sales) - 3 are already down, with 2 of our biggest yet to take place - the spaghetti dinner and the garage sale.

I must say, I have a very patient and understanding husband. Most of my "free time" is consumed by all things 3-Day. I'm always on the computer promoting our fundraising events, writing letters to potential donors or sponsors, organizing fundraiser details, or out training. I have to laugh because just now Mike asked me, "So what are you doing?" and I replied, "3-Day stuff." I'm also very fortunate to have friends and family that know how passionate I am about this, so when I ask them to attend yet another fundraiser or help out in some way, they do so without batting an eye.

I've had a lot of people tell me lately, "Gosh, you seem really busy!" I always tell people that participating in the 3-Day is like holding a 2nd job. But, in my opinion, it's not really a "job." I love doing it, even when I am super stressed and worried things won't fall into place (for those of you that know me well, I'm a little OCD). I love knowing that I am doing something that makes a difference. That because of all of my hard work, I may be saving someone from having to hear those awful words, "you have breast cancer." And I think that last sentence is reason enough to give up whatever "free time" I might have.

Spaghetti Dinner and Chinese Auction tickets are still available!

We still have tickets left for our Spaghetti Dinner!

It will be held at the Chardon VFW on May 15th from 5-8 pm.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children under 12.

To order tickets, please contact me at or through our facebook page.

Maple Festival Bake Sale Fundraiser

We decided to hold our Maple Festival bake sale fundraiser again this year - which was another success! The weather wasn't very cooperative (but that's normal when you're talking about the Maple Festival), but we still had lots of fun. It was nice to be able to see people you haven't seen in a while and of course it's always nice to visit with Erin, one of the reasons why we are all walking. In 3 days, Saving 2nd Base raised almost $1,100 by selling cookies, team t-shirts and pink bracelets. We would like to thank all of our cookie makers: Patti Baucco, Leigh Hornyak, Kim Retherford, Colleen Cresho, Joan Smock, Jennifer Brown, Pam Gant, Melanie Blanchard, Sherrie Graham, and Jill Koster - you guys have no idea how much that helped us! I'd also like to thank my parents, Jeff and Nancy Smock for collecting and bagging all the cookies for us. A final thank-you to the Chardon Fire Department for letting us setup inside the station once again!

Blind Pig Fundraiser

You can tell how busy life has been when I'm just now updating everyone of how our guest bartending fundraiser went (which was over a month ago). We had so much fun at last years event, we decided we had to do it again! How can you pass up raising over $400 in less than 3 hours?! We would like to give a special thank-you to The Blind Pig for having us again and to Pam Gant and Melanie Blanchard for helping us behind the bar that night. Thank-you to all our friends and family who came out and supported us that night - we couldn't have raised over $400 without you!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Saving 2nd Base is selling T-shirts and Tanks to help raise money for our 3-Day walk. T-shirts and Tanks are $20 and can be purchased through me. They come in sizes S, M, L & XL. If you're intersted in one, leave a message or email me at

Monday, March 22, 2010

Thanks to our Sponsors!


D&S Painting
First Federal Credit Control
Grossman Brothers Maple Products
H&B Storage
Hornyak Farms
Joseph L. Myers Architect, Inc. & Staff
Lambert Pontiac Buick GMC
Mr. David Mead
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff & Nancy Smock
Mr. & Mrs. Todd & Phyllis Loar
Norfolk Southern - Cleveland Locomotive Department
The Graham Family
Travel Encounters
Wellman Products Group

Saving 2nd Base wants to thank all of you for your generous support!